Bedford Domestic Violence Coalition

About Us

The Bedford Domestic Violence Coalition is a collaboration of individuals, organizations, and direct service providers dedicated to taking actions towards the prevention of domestic violence and increasing public access to resources and services within the Bedford area.

The Coalition meets bi-monthly and includes members of the Department of Social Services, Domestic Violence Services, local law enforcement, the Bedford County School System, local foundations, and concerned citizens committed to making an impact. For any questions or to learn more about how you can help, contact Al Brandt at 434-942-1460 or email 

Board Overview

Since our incorporation in the Commonwealth Of Virginia in April of 2004 the Coalition has embarked on implementing efforts and programs to support the attainment and advancement of the mission goals. There have been many challenges, and there have been many successes. Dedicated individuals and organizations have contributed enormous time, resources, and funding to assist in this effort. There has been constant interface and coordination with County and State agencies and bureaus, as well as other not for profit entities. This in the past has included faith-based organizations along with private and corporate groups. At present, the majority of the coordination and activity has been in concert with the Bedford County Domestic Violence Services as a department under the umbrella of the Department of Social Services of Bedford County.

To carry out the varying initiatives involved many activities, which included direct solicitation of funds or services, coordinated fundraising fairs and events, various grants and awards, and a myriad of additional efforts and programs. All of these funds were then disbursed in support of the Domestic Violence Services, including prevention and education programs. A long-range goal was established to provide a new or improved structure to house victims of domestic violence abuse.

Board of Directors Profile

The makeup of the current Board is quite diverse, talented, and brings many years of expertise and accomplishments in their respective fields.

There are members that been educated in the medical profession and served in both institutional and office environment. Law enforcement is represented with personnel that are presently in upper management and leadership roles. County and state employees are represented in numerous disciplines, which encompass mental health, the court system, child and adult advocacy, social service, and others. Educators from the public school system are represented along with community activists to represent segments of the general population of Bedford County.  The Coalition is constantly seeking additional Board members to assist in fulfilling our stated mission. Current Board members continue to recruit through networking and professional interactions to improve the profile and image of the organization.

BDVC Board of Directors

Al Brandt, Chairman of the Board

Mike Miller, Vice Chairman

Mary Buchanan, Treasurer

Jackie Kent, Secretary

Beth Robertson

Patti Cihak

Todd Foreman

Robert Kimbrel

Patricia McCauley

Andrew Michael

Cpt. Jon Wilks

Amanda Rider

Brenda Dudley Hudson

Chief Ronnie Lewis